About this site

About the site

The Backlog Journey is a blog dedicated to all those fine games I picked up and promptly put back down. Whether due to time, neglect, or distractions, I haven't played the majority of my own games. I aim to fix that, one day.

Since I have such an wide interest in all sorts of games, expect a pretty random and eccentric range of titles covered here. It's going to be dashingly unpredictable.

About the author

The Backlog Journey is entirely run by a blogger and aspiring freelancer writer named Colin Brown, which is me. I specialize in critical theory in regards to all sorts of media. I like to think this gives me a bit of an interesting take on video games and the structure, culture and theory behind them, but mostly it just means I like fancy words.

At one point my Indie Royale reviews were also regularly republished by the gang at IndieGames.com. I've also done freelance reviews on New Gamer NationIndie Statik and I've been featured on Indie Game Mag as well.