Welcome to my frequently assumed questions page, which are questions I assume people would ask if people asked me questions.

So what exactly is this site?

Well, I covered this pretty nicely on my about the site page but basically this blog was an attempt by me to dent the massive two hundred plus backlog of games I bought from various deals around the internet. I used to try to keep things organized, but I'm terrible and lazy so now I just write about whatever. It's mostly just a venting spot for when I want to write about games.

What systems?

I used to mostly play PC games, but now I own a ton of consoles too. There's a lot of good stuff.

Why write about so many old games? I only care about the new hotness.

Well, I noticed that whenever I looked up reviews for whatever game was the featured deal on Steam, the review was usually posted at launch. Many games improve greatly after patches, expansions, DLC and updates. So I decided that a "where are they now?" sort of perspective is good to have. And I love retro games. I'm a game history nut.

How does writing essays about games help you finish them faster?

Well, it doesn't really. I kind of slows me down, to be honest. That's why this site became more of a random collection of thoughts about whatever game related things are tickling my brain.

I'm a developer. Will you review my game?

Probably, contact me!

Do you do freelance work/reviews or guest posts for other sites?

If you're interested in getting me to do something guest post-like for your blog or site, get in touch with me via email: backlogjourney@gmail.com.

Do you accept guest posts?

Sure. It doesn't make a lot of sense because this is mostly just an outlet for random game related thoughts, but I would be totally flattered. Email me or something.

Didn't you review bundles?

Yes! Now I do not. There's a few too many indie bundles out there for one person to play, review, screenshot, crop, format and post. I do think the bundle review format was a smart idea, and I know a lot of people loved it, but it's far more work than one person can handle. So I won't be starting them again.