December 19, 2011

The Backlog Holiday Gift Guide Begins!

Hello! Most of you know by now that my main mandate for this site is to play through the 200ish games I haven't touched since being suckered into Steam sales, GOG promos and other various sale. My real life exam responsibilities have put a bit of a damper on that aspect of this site, but hopefully with that dumb ol' studying out of the way I'll be able to post more frequently more often.

However, there's another aspect to my site: helping others to examine the worth of adding a game to their backlog; i.e. sale impressions. I already have done a good chunk of those with my now famed bundle reviews. However, we're seven days out from Christmas. This is December, and with December comes lots and lots and lots of holiday sales.

So I'm introducing the Backlog Holiday Gift Guide, starting right now. Everyday I'll post a highlight of the Steam offerings of the day (which my sneaky sources claim will begin today, probably at 1PM EDT, only four hours from now). I'll do a quick little guide for some of the achievements being offered, and hopefully provide insight into the must have deals and the skippable guff. It won't be comprehensive, but it will be fun.

I'll also be doing some random featurettes on the other deal sites running their own sales in December, with a nice round up post highlighting the best deals of the catalogue. Sites like Good Old Games (one of my favourites), GamersGate, Origin, Amazon, DotEmu, individual indie developer sites and many more do near catalogue wide sales, so I'll pick a few of my favourite games and deals from those above to highlight.

So get your wallets ready and sigh in despair at how much your Backloggery percentage is going to suffer. Here come the sales.

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