December 06, 2011

The Journey Continues to Begin

Despite my long winded last post, you're probably still not all that clear on what exactly the Backlog Journey is supposed to be. And that's fine. I don't really know what it's going to be like either. I'm imagining a horrifying combination of reviews, critical discussions, commentary, humour and let's play, but let's keep our minds open. But one thing I know for sure is that I'm going to have a rule. I call it Rule 1, and I'm going to drop it in about two line breaks.

Rule 1: Five games at a time. One from each category.

Basically, if I play only one game at a time I get frustrated and bored. If I'm let loose to run amok amongst my collection, I won't get anything done; I'm very flippant and spontaneous like that. So I bring you a compromise: enough focus to actually play through games but enough leeway to keep things rolling. As for the categories? Skip past the break.

Action Games
This is intentionally vague. Will it be a shooter? An open world sandbox? A platformer? Who knows! But you can bet it'll be fast paced, and possibly involve shooting fools.

RPGs and Strategy Games
There's only so many "hundreds of hours of gameplay!!!" games that I can get through at a time, so they get their own little special category. There will likely be elves. Perhaps spaceships. Mostly elves though.

Indie Games
I'm a sucker for a bundle, and there are more indie bundles than I can count (Well, actually I can count to three. But shh). Since I'm not going to stop buying them, I might as well play them before they create an indie game flood of biblical proportions. So they get their own category. Who says indies don't get respect?

I love Good Old Games, mostly because I love good old games. I have a fairly lengthy GOG catalogue, so this category will help me get through it. Expect some old timey goodness, and many incredious moments where I realize how much I take for granted in modern games. ("What do you mean I starved to death?")

Wild Card!
Sometimes I just really want to play a damn game. This is for when I need some overlap between genres, or when a game defies fitting into my very spaciously defined categories. Who knows what'll end up here? Probably something foolish.

So. Essentially I'll be roasting my way through five games at a time, with occasional breaks if something new and crazy comes up. But the plan is that I need to either finish a game or come up with a damn good reason not to.

Before I sign off, I would humbly take this time to direct you to my Twitter account @BacklogJourney. I'll be doing a touch of live-tweeting about the games I've been playing, and also keep you posted about my posts. I'm also working on setting up some RSS goodness. I assume it's built into Blogger, but I'm still learning this nonsense.

Oh, and what games am I going to play? I'll let you know soon!

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