January 30, 2012

Monthly Link Round-up (January 2012)

You may already know, but lately I have been doing reviews for other sites, as well as having some of my own work reposted and republished. In a display of unbridled egotism, I thought I would start putting a round-up of all the non-Backlog Journey stuff I wrote during the last month just in case you missed out. In addition, I can also use this spot to talk about site updates or upcoming goodies. Makes sense to me.
  • This month had my debut as a part time freelance reviewer for New Gamer Nation. The EiC of the site contacted me to cover some of the more indie/smaller/niche releases on PC. Being a young buck full of game reviewer aspirations, I was only too happy to do so. This month I wrote a disappointed review of the A.Typical RPG, a nostalgia fuelled revisit of the Sonic Adventure DX rerelease and an extremely positive write-up on Dustforce. And don't worry, there's lots more to come.
  • Excitingly, I was contacted by the popular indie games weblog IndieGames.com, co-runners of the Indie Royale. They're big fans of the Royale write-ups I've been doing, so they asked to republish the reviews on their site. There are a few other fun perks coming from this team-up as well, like the recent Serious Sam giveaway on Twitter with the promise of more to come. Still, in the end it's the same Royale posts you know and love, but now available on IndieGames.com as well. Check them out here and here.
  • I also socially expanded the Backlog Journey horizons: there is now a Facebook page and a Google+ page, joining the already in place Twitter account and Raptr feed. All of these pages are an easy way to follow along with the blog and leave comments and questions for me, so why not check it out? I'm always happy to hear from readers.
  • Finally, why not add me to your multitap on Backloggery? I haven't talked too much about Backloggery yet, which is unfortunate because it's such a cornerstone of this site. But that's a post for another day; right now I'll just say it's an excellent game catalogue service for tracking your to-play list and you should totally sign up for it. Add me to your multitap too; you can check out what game stuff I've been up to, and I often get ideas from what others are playing.

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