June 22, 2012

The Be Mine 3 Collaborative Review Project

Hey, dear readers.

As you probably know, the details for the Be Mine 3 were unleashed and it's going live tomorrow. Like always I plan to cover it, but I've run into a few problems. Stuff like how much I irrationally hate Oddworld and how I'm contractually obligated to finish my grandiose ode to Avernum 4 elsewhere. But most importantly, I have some very time sensitive reviews to finish up this week which means the review would not go up until Thursday at the latest, and it would be very grumpy.

As I was pondering my time management skills, I thought of a slightly crazy idea. I know for a fact that lots of great bloggers, game reviewers and generally cool people follow this blog. Why not give them a chance to try their hand at bundle reviews, while saving my feeble little brain from exploding with stress? Intrigued? Skip the break.

So here's the plan. I'd like to find five writers interested in contributing a guest bit to one big collaborative article about the Be Mine 3. Each reviewer only needs to cover one of the available games. All I'm asking for is the same general format that I do, which is writing approximately four paragraphs after playing the game for an hour or two to get a good first impression, and submitting it back to me by Sunday or so. You don't have to be an expert at the game, or even have played it before. It doesn't necessarily have to be a positive review, or a thorough one. It just needs to be well written, informative and entertaining.

The games in question are
  • Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exodus (could be combined into one blurb) TAKEN
  • Avernum Second Trilogy (probably should be combined into one blurb)
  • Hamilton's Great Adventure TAKEN
  • Red Orchestra
  • and the over $6 bonus game, Garshasp: the Monster Slayer TAKEN
Unfortunately it's going to have to be Buy Your Own Bundle. There's no money compensation involved (sorry!), or really any kind of reward beyond a thank you from me, a proper byline/shout-out/about the author blurb for each of you and the joy of being posted on my little blog.

If you're intrigued by this weird and crazy idea, drop a line to backlogjourney@gmail.com with a link or attachment of a writing sample, and mention which game you're interested in covering. I do expect any applicants to have fairly high quality writing, but I know you guys can handle it. And I definitely appreciate any help I can get here.

To everyone else

Don't worry, this doesn't mean I'm going to be dropping bundle reviews or leaving them to others from now on. This is a one time experiment due to some pretty extenuating circumstances. I'll be back in action soon enough, and I'm hoping I'll be able to leave things in good hands.

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  1. an interesting idea! i'm tempted to try to help you out here, but then i'd have to break my habit of playing bundle games in the order i bought them (i'm currently in the indie royale launch bundle). hope you find some good reviewers and i couldn't imagine trying to get reviews out for each bundle while they're still on sale!


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