January 15, 2013

The "Back" log Journey

You've done well, old header. Even though you were never centred properly.
Well hey there stranger.

I've been hemming around the idea of taking up the blogging business again while I finish up my last year of university. Part of me is for it, as I felt like I never really got to try my original premise of blogging a video game backlog what with all the bundles. Part of me is against it, because I stopped writing because it came with an absurd amount of stress that didn't exactly massage my delicately depressed brain chemicals.

So what's the plan? I miss blogging about video games, and so I'll blog about video games. Why not? I like joking around, I like reading far too deeply into the themes and I generally like the dialogue and discussion that ensues when I combine the two. I have far too many backlogged games, and you can definitely make a case that every game in this back catalogue deserves a certain amount of close analysis.

To be clear. I'm not doing bundle posts again but instead approaching things with my original intentions of a general purpose podium for me to ramble about things that I (and hopefully you) find interesting. Think of it as a big mess that borrows from reviews, impressions, let's plays, editorials, after action reports, rants, random nonsense and everything in between. It's hard to classify. Like before, I want to cover old and new, indie and blockbuster, no matter the genre. If I play it, it's fair game. I'm nothing if not foolishly overambitious.

And hey, maybe nuggets of insight will fall out of my head while I'm at it. To be honest, I'm probably not going to pay a lot of attention to professionalism (that can wait for when I get a real job again), but I'm firmly of the opinion that a) everything deserves to be studied and b) nothing says you can't have a bit of a laugh while studying it.

So here we go. Maybe I'm an “indie” games journalist or an amateur game critic or a something else entirely. Let's worry about that later. I'm feeling pretty good about the outlook here, and I'm looking forward to writing some off the cuff impressions, crack-pot theories and whatever else comes to mind.

Anyway, welcome back.

Oh, and let me know what you think of the new site layout. I'll be tweaking it over the next few days. I think it looks sharp, but I also thought a background with hearts puked all over it looked good, so I'm not exactly trusting myself.


  1. I'm really glad to see this. :) I've enjoyed your writings, and it's good to see you'll be back on here. :) I like the way it looks now, though if you'll be tweaking for a few days, I may wait a bit to comment on it further. :P

  2. <(''<) ^('')^ (>'')>
    Glad to see you back in business. :)

  3. Well done on managing the chemical balance thus far. I hope whatever you do with this site helps in that life long quest :-)


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