December 23, 2011

The Obligatory Course Correction Post

This might seem silly, or unnecessary, but my blog needs a gritty reboot. I've written a lot of posts so far, and do you know how many were about my backlog? Three of them. Do you know how many were about actual games I'm playing? One.

After Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 of an insane attempt to cover Steam sales, I feel like I've gone in a very weird direction. I'm spending so much time trying to stay current and hip and topical with deals and sales and news and junk, which is the complete opposite point of this blog. There are plenty of sites for stuff like that. I definitely think there's a place for my style of pseudo information/commentary sales posting, but I just don't have the time, resources and infrastructure to pull it off this year. So, instead of rushing out posts that are inherently lazy and crummy in order to meet an arbitrary deadline, I'm going to go back to what I do best, which is foolish rambling about games I'm currently playing.

So no more sale posts. No more trying to cover every deal that looks at me coyly. I'm still doing bundle posts because people love them, and I really like covering them. But I started this blog to write about games I never got the chance to play because of time, distractions or just plain forgetfulness, and it just wound up being even more distracting. So I'm going to be getting back on track, and get back to my old goal of the retrospective review process. Will there be a Backlog Holiday Gift Guide

I started this as a fun hobby, and I figure it should still be fun, even if it's not really a hobby anymore. Thanks to you, dear readers, for bearing with an amateur who's still trying to figure out what works. I appreciate it!

Also, random thought, but I'm totally dropping Terraria. I really don't think it's an interesting game, and there are tons of other places to read about and watch people playing it. I'm going to try to go with something more wild for my wild card game. So be on the lookout for a surprise, which will totally be spoiled by my Backloggery page. That is all.

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  1. I agree with ya on Terraria, even though I still love that game a lot, since you're right about one thing:
    A LOT of other sites talk about it, so best to write about something you find interesting instead :)


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